CEC Enterprises was founded in 2004 by Connie Carras after more than two decades of leadership with global consulting firms specializing in the technology, financial services and pension industries.  CEC Enterprises was established to continue the tradition of client-centric innovation, growth and tailored industry solutions, with a new focus on Real Estate as an important economic sector and asset class at the time the industry was beginning a new growth cycle and technology solutions were being developed to support important market needs. Today, the company has a long track record of supporting growth and innovation at the intersection of real estate, technology and investment management. We have a passion for our clients and their growth, for building businesses, partnerships and people and creating world class solutions for our industry in Canada.  

We are different on purpose because we know it's better for our clients.

  • We are independent and can focus on architecting the solution that is right for our each of our clients
  • We have deep industry expertise and connections--and breadth of exposure across all aspects of the commercial and residential investment and development property markets
  • We have a unique range of industry experience from start-ups to private entrepreneurial firms to public companies and institutional investors and can truly provide best practices
  • We put skin in the game in both our advisory and our outsourced solutions 
  • Our values of innovation, partnership and people-first leaves each client and their people stronger and better for having worked with us

Connie E. Carras, President and Chief Growth Architect​

What Makes us Different


Business Consulting Solutions for the Real Estate Industry  

Innovation. Strategic Change. New Technologies. Together We Turn Your Ideas into Business Results